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Kyoto, Japan
For the student looking for something authentically Japanese.
Experience Kyoto and surrounding towns.

Kyoto, Japan

Program Highlights
Quick overview on what to expect.

Tour modern metropolis and ancient villages on a cultural and artistic pilgrimage

Opportunity to be inspired and amazed at the centuries-old history that you will encounter

Hands-on art courses in deep-rooted artistic traditions


Summer-only program offers unique 3-week option

Experience hidden pockets of an ancient society

Earn credits by taking photos of a colorful island nation

Living in Kyoto
What is life going to be like?


Students spend most of the program in the world famous city of Kyoto, but also venture to central Honshu to enhance their academics and cultural experience.

Visit villages surrounding Kyoto to get to know rural and urban Japanese culture.

The program takes place during this annual festival where street celebrations abound.

Going with a small group, your experience will be personalized, with one of your primary group leaders being a native of Japan.

Housing in Kyoto
Where are you going to live?


Double Rooms
You will have double-room accommodations in a furnished house.

Comfortable Housing
You will stay with fellow students in a comfortable house with a good location.

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Academics at Kyoto
What are you going to learn?

Culturally Rich
Classes expose students to the traditional and contemporary spirit of Japan

Class Setting
Majority of the instruction takes place during the excursions by experienced teachers and artists

Students take courses designed to give insight into the history and significance of classical Japan as well as exposing them to the aesthetic beauty of this unique country

This school is closely aligned with Athena's personalized mission. Class sizes are small (typically 10 students or less)

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Extracurriculars for Kyoto Program
Where are you going to go?

You will have the opportunity to experience an annual Japanese street celebration

This summer program incorporates signifant travel and exposure to many aspects of Japanese culture

Japan Expert
The Athena/HISA Kyoto program coordinator is a native of Japan, thus all participants have the added benefit of her intimate knowledge and access to this tight-knit culture

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Prices and Dates for Kyoto
When can you go?

Athena's Kyoto program is one of the most unique programs available, and you will not find another program like this, especially for the price.

This program is offered during a three-week span in the summer. The program enrollment is limited so students are suggested to apply early, as admissions are on a rolling basis.

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